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Have you ever heard of Banburyshire? It may sound like some kind of mythical county, but it actually holds a special place in our hearts here at Banbury Heights Nursing Home. No, it's not an area recognised on any map, so you can't see where this undocumented area covers, but it really does exist - let us explain...

The area surrounding the town of Banbury has been nicknamed Banburyshire for many years - since at least the 1830s, in fact - and it all stems from the town's proximity to neighbouring villages. Take Overthorpe and Warkworth, for example; these villages are each just three miles out of the town centre but are over the Oxfordshire border in Northamptonshire.

You see, Banbury lies within the county of Oxfordshire but is very close to Warwickshire and Northamptonshire - and Banburyshire spreads into all three. That's because Banburyshire's boundaries don't coincide with any political or administrative limits, but nevertheless, we 'Banburians' are incredibly proud of this informal region.

The Banbury area possesses its own identity that's different to Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire or Warwickshire. In fact, Banbury is 22 miles from Oxford, 28 miles from Northampton and only 20 miles from Warwick, so our charming market town offering all sorts of amenities is nestled right in the middle of all three county towns.

The unique identity of this close-knit area encompasses various factors including education, trade, religion, transport, living conditions and social behaviour from years gone by and modern day, creating a culturally-rich town that we call our home.

What this gives us is a real sense of community - here at Banbury Heights Nursing Home, not only do we benefit from a great location near the centre of the town, but we are also part of the wider community of Banburyshire. And better yet, the fabled region isn't far from Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire either, making all sorts of beautiful places and fantastic attractions close enough for us to visit with our residents. How about a day trip to Stowe? The Cotswold Wildlife Park? Blenheim Palace? Or maybe even Charlecote Park or Broughton Castle? They're all right on our doorstep.

Many of our residents here at Banbury Heights Nursing Home are Banburians, born and bred, so Banburyshire really is important to us. If you haven't been into our home yet, why don't you pop in and find out more about our unique Banburyshire identity? We hope to see you soon.
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