Banbury Heights Nursing Home

Providing Taylor-Made Care

Activities and Trips

Daily Activities


We have two full time activities coordinators at the home that are dedicated to making life at Banbury Heights and enjoyable and memorable experience. We involve all of our residents in planning the activities and opportunities available to them and actively encourage families and friends to become involved in their loved ones care.

We run a large number of groups activities for residents to become involved in that are tailored to what the residents enjoy and are designed to be fun experiences during which your loved one can meet the other residents of the home and start to make some new friends. Group Activities include gardening, cake making, remniscence sessions to name but a few

We also run a wide range of one-to-one activities so that even those with the least ability can enjoy the warmth and affection of our friendly activities sfaff.

Calendar Activities

We run a charity called Friends that arranges a large number of themed activities for residents to enjoy. Highlights in the yearly calendar include themed pantomimes and regular visits from a wide range of highly skilled musicians.

We also celebrate throughout the year highlighting key events such as a wonderful fire-works display in november a highlight of our seasonal calendar.

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Trips out of the home

One of the most impressive attributes of Banbury Heights Nursing Home is our impressive trips programme. During the summer months we visit Blenheim Palace, Upton House, Broughton Castle and the Cotswold Wildlife Park to name but a few. These trips allow our residents to enjoy the wonderful sights surrounding Banbury, that the majority have grown up with.

Trips to town

With the local town so close we also take residents to visit the churches and shops that they have used throughout their lives so that they do not lose connection to the town that they grew up in. Residents particularly enjoy visiting the annual Banbury town fair and Canal day celebrations.


High Quality Surroundings


We pride ourselves on the person centred care which we provide to all of our residents. Each care package is designed to meet the needs and wishes of the individual patients to ensure that your stay at Brooklands meets your health and social needs in a way that is tailored to you.

This is supported by modern surroundings which have undergone significant investment in recent years to ensure that Banbury Heights is a comfortable, pleasant environment.

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Banbury Heights Nursing home is based near the town centre of Banbury

Our town centre location allows reisdents to keep connected to family and friends in the local community. Click the link below to find out more about the varied activities and trips run in Banbury Heights to support this.

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The new conservatory recently added to the care home is just one of many wonderful spaces for our residents to spend their day.

Click the link below to see more details of the facilities at Banbury Heights.

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Our key resource is the staff that we emply. Our staff are highly trained and carefully selected to ensure that they provide the highest level of care

To find out more about our staff or if you are interested in joining this exciting staff team please click below.

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